Martial Arts Master



Owner/Operator of American Tigers Inc.  An entrepreneur. A martial artist.  A wife.  A mother of three young children.  In my opinion, pretty impressive rap sheet.  I would have to ask myself, what would make her even more impressive.  These characteristics are of a strong, vibrant and capable woman.   And yet, there’s actually more to her then that.   She is full of heart, with a strong desire to succeed in a country that has become home to her and her family only 8 years ago.  They have embraced this country as their own, and strive to bring value to the community that they are now apart of.  She has a deep sense of loyalty and the desire to understand those around her, so that in her journey, she can cultivate relationships that are strong, helpful, and long lasting.  I’ve had the privilege of being in her home, and amongst her personal friends, and neighbors.  The atmosphere is casual, warm and inviting.  It was consistent with my experience at the dojang.  She cares deeply for the needs of families, and has the desire to bring something of value to each one of them.  I have experienced working hand in hand with her in getting the dojang ready for a new face of the American Tigers Martial Arts.  She has the qualities of an individual that is willing to do whatever it takes, to make her vision, come alive.  I have seen her roll up her sleeves and do physically taxing, mentally challenging, and emotionally draining tasks because she believes.  She believes in her vision, she believes in her instructors, she believes in her students, enough to invest in the future!  



Master Song comes highly recommended from his students in Korea. His level of expertise coupled with his passion for the discipline makes him such an amazing instructor. Master Song has over 16 years of competing as a sparring athlete in Korea. He has lead our competition team to the National Championships for 3 year and recently received 3 Gold Medals, 2 Silver Medals and 6 Bronze Medal in 2017.

Master Song carries the same philosophy as Master Orchid and the rest of the team as he has a heart  for children and families first. He is patient with the children and has a gentle demeanor that the students take very well to. We are blessed to have him on our team.

Martial Arts Instructor



Mr. Arjuna's enthusiasm is contagious. The children respond well to his energy. Mr. Arjuna also comes highly requested by our family class students and night time kick boxing classes. He enjoys working with the children to develop not only their skills but also their character. As the rest of the team as he has a heart  for children and families first. We are lucky to call him on of our own.

Martial Arts Instructor



David's captivating smile is hard to miss.His personality radiates through his face. He has confidence wrapped up with gentle kindness, and a whole lot of fun, that makes the little gigglers and wigglers respond in such a positive way. They love him. He is a strong, fast, and serious student of Tae Kwon do, pushing himself with all of his might, and going the extra mile while sweat drips from his brow. Determination is written all over his face.The evening comes to an end, and still I find him standing at the water cooler, congratulating the students while still wearing his famous smile. We love having Mr. David.